8/16/2021 – Forever the Optimist

Today was a good day.  Sarah did not go to school today only because her BFF didn’t from sunburn at the rodeo.  Sarah looked tired all day anyway.  She was able ot fall back asleep until 10am.

We had two great keto meals today and all is well.  I have started down a more detailed rabbit hole on magnesium.  There seems to be much more than just anecdotal evidence magnesium can help prevent seizures.  This makes me wonder why anyone should be deficient in this mineral.

I’s readily available in our foods and the RDA is about 300-400mg.  Unless certain people have difficulty absorbing the mineral for some reason.  Maybe gut issues?


Today is a big day for me; there were 15 days between the 1st event on July 18th and the second event on August 3rd.  Today is now 16 days since the second event.  Like I said, I’m forever the optimist and a realist but I have teared up several times today hoping and praying I’m onto something.  

It’s so hard to believe it’s been a month; on the one hand it feels like it was just yesterday and on the other hand it feels like it has been a hundred years.  

I had a client text me today asking me to call him because it was an emergency.  He has been a good, long-time client.  I was in the middle of cooking a chicken soup dish for dinner.  I called him and asked what can I do for you.

He asked if I could get him his userid and password to login to his account as his partner usually does all this and he doesn’t know how too.  I asked, “can’t you call her?”  He said, “she can’t” and got very quiet.  I know all too well what was going on.  Something has happened.  He started to break down telling me she was in an accident and in the hospital and it is not looking good.  She was hit by a tractor-trailer.  

I don’t know this client really.  Just someone who uses my services for quite some time.  He started crying on the phone as I have done so much this past month that I started to cry and could hardly talk.  I ended the call by saying my prayers are with you and I will get you your userid and password in a few minutes. 

I don’t know why I shared that other than it shows how much of an emotional wreck I have become while I research the hell out of Sarah’s seizures.  There is nothing worse than one of your children suffering with an affliction and feeling so helpless.

I did not sleep well last night, and the garbage truck rolled by earlier than normal this morning waking me up, so I was cranky.  I walked into Sarah’s room, and she was getting ready trying to figure out what to wear for school.  I looked where I left here electrolytes and magnesium pill and they were still there.

I said, “your first priority in the morning is to drink your electrolytes and take your magnesium, not figure out what to wear to school!”  I have nothing to say expect my bad.  I’m so hyper-sensitive in the morning with so much anxiety because all events have been early morning events, so in my mind I am trying to preempt another event.

Oh, it’s 10pm now and Sarah has just finished a light meal after working today after school.  She worked yesterday as well from about 5-9pm as a hostess at a local upscale restaurant.  So yes, a wreck when she is at school and a wreck when she is working.  How about just a wreck for the last month. Yesterday was 1 month to the day that the first event occurred.

My new book I ordered weeks ago finally arrived today.  I’m already half-way through and it is worth whatever I paid for it.  I’m half-way through it already and I just want to scream at the top of my lungs to the world how we are slowly being poisoned!  I thought I was aware of MSG but oh boy, I was so wrong.

The book is called, “EXCITOTOXINS, The Taste that Kills” by Russell L. Blaylock M.D.  Get it! It is a little technical but for me I love it with my technical mind.  Everything I have been researching and learning about in the last month is being validated in this book.  

This is so much bigger than seizures, although that is big for me right now.  But I’m talking about ALS, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s etc.  It looks like it is all related and we have no idea what we are doing to ourselves in our younger years that affect us later in life.

A quick little tidbit from the book.  “Natural Flavorings” can contain anywhere from 20-60% MSG!

Here is an excerpt from the book I must quote here: “It is important to appreciate the brain is an organ that depends on a delicate balance of excitatory and inhibitory systems, that is, positive and negative impulses.  Disruptions of this balance can lead to anything from a minor tremor of the hands to an uncontrollable writhing motion of the body, or even the explosion of a full-blown seizure. In the living organism, a balance of positive and negative systems is all important.”

Well, after endless hours of research on the internet, and then reading this I did feel like I was really onto something and not just going through some motions as a father to make me feel better since I really did feel so helpless.

Well, shutting down for tonight.  Sarah is going to bed now and I can hear her laughing with her mother and a very happy girl!  And that’s what matters!


Still clear.  Sarah seemed in a shitty mood today.  But I think it’s because she has a concert to go to and her mother must go with her.  One of us must be with her in case.

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