8/13/2021 – Rodeo

No issues at all on the second day of school.  She woke and all was well and went to school on time.  

Today I decided to reach out to Dr. Nicole to see if we can do another round of test on Sarah to see if we are still having candida issues and perhaps a leaky gut.  She responded right away, and the test kit was in the mail same day.  We will also be doing another series of blood tests to be complete.

During my research about candida and leaky gut I came across how MCT oil also helps kill candida in the gut and assist in restoring gut health.  This was great to come across because we have been doing this already for the ketones.  I have increased the MCT from 2 TBSP/day to 5TBSP/day.  2 in the am, when she gets home from school, and 2 before bed.

I also learned how bone broth is very healthy for the gut and can help restore a leaky gut.  We are now eating many of my prepared meals with kettle and fire bone broth.

I made a killer homemade soup that everybody loved with 6 cups of the bone broth.


There have been no further arm tremors or seizures!  There was a rodeo in town that started on Friday, August 13th.  She had been planning on going to this for months.  We couldn’t say no.  

We decided that we would all go.  I didn’t want to take the chance of an event happening at the rodeo which is about 20 minutes away and her BFF being overwhelmed by medical services who may not understand how to handle the situation.  Not only did she go Friday, but she also went Saturday and Sunday.  Sheryl was there with her both Saturday and today.

This is a good point in the story to summarize where we are with our strategy to mitigate another seizure.

  • 8-9 hours of sleep
  • Strict healthy ketogenic diet with fresh, wild caught fish and we now order our meats from butcherbox.com.  This is not a plug for them at all, but I am impressed with the quality of their all organic, grass-fed meats.
  • 2 meals a day to maximize the number of hours for IF.  We will be doing 24 hours fast once a week.
  • 2 TBSP MCT when she first wakes and even gets out of bed and another TBSP before bed and 1 TBSP MCT mid-day.
  • 1 TBSP mid-day
  • 2 TSP of C60 before bed and when she first wakes to assist in neutralizing free radicals in her body.
  • Electrolytes in the morning mixed in her first glass of water while she takes multi-vitamins and Turmeric.
  • Brazil nuts – just a couple a day as they are high in Selenium.
  • I also added Magnesium to her daily routine; 100mg in the morning and 100mg before bed.  I kept coming across Magnesium and how it helped people control, if not eliminate seizures.  The RDA is 300-400mg per day which is in most foods which makes me wonder if she is not absorbing the appropriate amounts of nutrients because of gut issues.

We only have 8 days to go before our visit to Stanford’s Children Center.  I only wish I’d have the results of these new test we ordered with Dr. Nicole.  It is what it is.  At least we have two paths we are working now.

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