10/23/2021 – Neurotransmitters

Although my optimism is increasing that we really may be on to the root cause, I’m still a realist and accept that it may not be the reasons for Sarah’s seizures.  However, my hope increases day by day.

Today is two months since her last event, or 60 days.  This is very exciting to report!  The doctors do not want to discuss the prospect of reducing her Keppra dosage.  I get it.  Why ruin a good thing at this point.  Hopefully when we get to 3 or 4 months, we can talk about it and I’ll feel much more comfortable.

Dr. S said that they normally don’t taper off, they just stop.  That doesn’t seem like a good approach with any medications you’ve been on long term.

My current thinking (which can change on a dime), is that we will approach the subject after we re-test Sarah’s blood and gut health again in December.

I’m still looking forward to the results from Sarah’s neurotransmitters tests and Dr. V’s interpretation.  Remember, she is the 1st one who came back and said a deficiency in the GAD enzyme is common finally confirming that I may have been onto something.


Just got a note from Dr. Nicole.  She has reviewed Sarah’s neurotransmitter and melatonin tests along with Dr. V.  We are trying to setup an appointment now but she did say in her note that we need to address Sarah’s low level of Serotonin.  I did a quick search and found this:

Serotonin is an inhibitory neurotransmitter…adequate amounts of serotonin are necessary for a stable mood and to balance any excessive excitatory neurotransmitter firing in the brain…serotonin also regulates many other processes such as carbohydrate cravings, sleep cycle, pain control and appropriate digestion. Low serotonin levels are also associated with decreases immune system function. – Neurogistics.com

Well now, that is interesting!

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  • This is all so interesting and I’m so thankful you have done so much research. Like you I am not a fan of modern medicine so this is extremely interesting to me.
    My son is almost 20 and we also have been riding the epilepsy rollercoaster.
    Would you send me the doctors information that finally agreed with you and acknowledged gut health and brain health matter!!
    I would also like to pick your brain on a few points you made
    Again, thank you for sharing your story. It has been a blessing

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