9/29/2021 – Results Coming In!

Dr. Nicole suggested cutting out the B-Complex completely since her B6 was so high.  I suggested we just stop the evening dose basically cutting the B-Complex in half.

Excerpt of the email exchange

Go ahead and decrease to 1 in the morning. Her levels should reduce by cutting the dose in half. 

—- On Tue, 28 Sep 2021 02:27:04 PM -0700 <Sarah> wrote —

Hi Dr. Nicole,

ok, should we completely stop the B-Complex?  She was taking one in AM and one before bed.  Should we stop just one of those?  I’m only concerned because B6 is a critical co-factor for the GAD enzyme to function properly and convert excess glutamate into GABA.  We’ve been 35 days clear now so just very cautious.  But also concerned why she has so much B6 in her blood.  I guess it’s also possible we have been making good progress with her candida overgrowth and gut healing, therefore better absorption but won’t know until the poop tests come back which looks like by October 7th.



—- On Sep 28, 2021 02:06 PM (-07:00) <Dr. Nicole> wrote —

Perfect thank you. This is a good one that has all the active B’s however she’s getting too much B6. Have her stop the b-complex for now. All her other B’s look great. We can discuss if she should take any individual B vitamins at our follow-up. 



Some of Sarah’s poop test just came in today!  We now have a meeting schedule with Dr. Nicole tomorrow morning after our appointment with our local neurologist.  Hopefully we gain some insight tomorrow with some of these tests coming back.

I have a copy of the poop test but I really don’t know what I’m looking at.  I can see there are certain things that seem to high, especially the “fecal secretory IgA” at a level of 4025 when the high end of the range is 2040.  Can’t wait to learn about this one.


40 days clear!  

We had our meeting with Dr. Nicole to go over her test results.  With the exception of high levels of B6 all her nutrients looked great!  Her B6 is high either because we are supplementing or there is a gene defect (MTHFR) which causes a problem with B6 absorption.  By reducing her B-Complex we are hoping the B6 will come in line.

If not, we will probably do a gene test to look for this problem.  

Here is a little information: https://mthfrsupport.com.au/2018/11/vitamin-b6-mthfr/

The more and more I learn about the vitamins Bs and D and how it relates to proper functioning from anything to seizures to fighting the common cold is just so important for proper health.

Because of the COVID 19 coverage in the last 18 months, it has become very obvious that much of the world’s population is deficient in vitamin D.  We have been taught to fear the sun and put poisonous chemicals on our skin with SPF 5000.  Well, the sun is one of the best sources of vitamin D.  

I tell my kids not to use that crap and if they need some protection so as not to burn, I have them use SPF 8 or just cover up.  I tell them 15-20 minutes of sun exposure every day would be great.

My son, Ricky, just woke the other day with the sniffles and a sore throat.  Well, with my newfound appreciation for vitamins, I immediately started him on vitamins D, Bs, Zinc and Turmeric supplementation.  Boom!  Next day symptoms gone!

By the way, since I finally brought up covid 19, you may be wondering if we are vaccinated.  WE ARE NOT AND NEVER WILL BE!  I will not even allow any of us to get tested.

Sarah’s heavy metal test came with a couple areas to address.  Her mercury level was slight elevated.  Dr. Nicole asked about fish consumption and I told her we have been eating fish at least once a week but sometime twice a week.

We have been eating wild caught salmon and halibut.  She said Salmon is ok but no more halibut as it can have high levels of mercury.  Doing some research on halibut does indicate that it can contain low to moderate levels of mercury.

The other metal was nickel.  This was strange to me but I come to find out that Sarah has been wearing jewelry made from nickel and that it leaches into the skin causing discoloration.  Are you kidding me!  Why in the world would we make jewelry out of a metal that can leach into our skin.

She was wearing this jewelry as recent as a couple days ago.  Well, no more halibut and no more nickel jewelry!  Hopefully, problem solved.

If you recall, Sarah had moderate levels of bacteria in her urine when we took her to the ER after her 1st event.  This can be an indication of candida still in her body which is why I started treating as if she still had the candida overgrowth.

Her recent urine test came back negative for bacteria and her stool sample came back negative for candida!  This was very exciting news!  Remember, this is the theory I have been working on.  The candida overgrowth, due to 5 months of antibiotic use, inhibited her nutrient absorption leading to the seizures.

It’s not just theory; I have data from October 2020 that she was deficient in many of the Bs and vitamin D.  Yes, her B6 is now too high but this could be because of supplementation along with her gut health improving, therefor absorbing nutrients as she should be.

There are still some things we need to do to address her gut health.  I think the best way is to simply paste here Dr. Nicole’s treatment plan.


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So as you can see we still have some work to do but this is very manageable.  We will retest in 3 months to see if we’ve made more improvements in gut health and Sarah’s B6 levels have come back down.

We are still waiting for the neurotransmitter and methylation tests we mailed in last Monday.  Hopefully this week.  Remember, these tests came from Dr. Nicole’s college who was confirming my hunch of the GAD enzyme not being able to do its job converting excess glutamate to GABA.

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