9/24/2021 – Poop

Yesterday was a big day for a couple reasons.  Yesterday was Ricky’s 16th birthday and it was day 30 that Sarah has been clear!

She is also pooping more regularly now. To me this is a big deal.  Regular pooping is an indication of an improving digestive system.

Sarah has been in a real good mood these past few weeks and I think it’s because she also knows the number of days she has been clear as well.

We still have not gotten any of the results back from her blood work or poop samples.  We have also received the pee and saliva test which will test neurotransmitters and her methylation process.  We will do those tests this Sunday as it requires a couple days of not eating certain foods.


Today we FedEx’ed the neurotransmitter and methylation test to the labs.  We hope to here results soon. 

We did get the blood work back today.  Some of the stuff in there I have no idea and will have to wait for the consultation from Dr. Nicole.  But I was able to look at certain nutrients.  Here are a few of them:

B12 was 383 now it is 1011 Range: 232-1245

Folate was 12 now it is >20

B6 was 9.9 now it is 118.9 Range:2.0 – 32.8 (this one is critical for glutamate to be converted to GABA)

D was 35.2 now it is 83.3 Range: 30 – 100

Magnesium was 5.8 now it is 6.3 Range: 4.2-6.8

no bacteria in her pee as well!

Very nice numbers but the B6 seems high.  Is this because she is absorbing more from her foods now plus the supplementation?  Is it because the supplement is not a good quality one and not being absorbed by the cells and simply flowing around in her blood?  Or is there a problem with her ability to process B6.  The latter would indicate a methylation issue.

I’ve already got a note to Dr. Nicole asking if she recommends a different B-Complex.  

Today is day 35 of being clear of any events.  Sarah is definitely feeling happier because she has been clear for over a month.  Although I’m also very pleased to date, I’m still cautiously optimistic because we can’t yet say definitively, “this is what caused the problem.”  

We do meet our local neurologist this Thursday.  His name is Dr. H.  I will of course bring all my labs plus the most recent one so I will be able to talk about the high B6.

My daily anxiety is finally starting to improve and gets better as each clear day goes by.  Sarah told me I need to start walking again!  I’m sure I’ve put a few pounds on the last couple months plus I use to walk 2 miles twice day.

I stopped because I was having anxiety being too far away from my car in case I would get another dreaded text from Sarah at school.  I think I will start again tomorrow.  Also, time to get back on my keto diet which simply does wonders for me.

I’m really anxious to get the results of the poop tests.  I need to know if she still has a candida issue or leaky gut.  Hopefully soon.

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I’m a dedicated father of two; a son (Ricky) and a daughter (Sarah). They are both in their final years of high school. As a young man I always knew I wanted to have children; it’s so hard to imagine not having children. Once you have children you then know the meaning of the willingness to die without hesitation for them. I’m a type A personality with a bit of OCD built in making the perfect mind to go down any rabbit hole needed to solve a problem. I’ve always told my kids life is nothing more than solving life’s day-to-day problems. I guess that is why I ended up in the IT world. I work on facts and data and then make the best decision at the time and never look back. I get satisfaction from taking the confusion of chaos and turning it into something understandable and beautiful.

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