9/12/2021 – Neurochemistry

Today is a Sunday.  Coffee and continued research.  Today’s focus is to assume the glutamate is still building up and what can be done to reduce/release excess.  The good news is the research continues to point to many nutrients we should all be getting in our diets.

Unless there is some underlying problem prohibiting absorption like candida overgrowth caused by heavy antibiotic use!  I really am becoming ever so certain this is Sarah’s root cause.  Only time will tell.  Without proper absorption, many problems can occur including seizures.

I feel better this morning, more cautiously optimistic, because I feel we are supplementing with the needed nutrients.  The question is how well they are being absorbed.

But she is also on probiotics which should be helping repair her cut and absorption rate.  How fast it that happening, or not happening?  We won’t know until Sarah completes her 3rd poop sample and we can mail back.

But I’m still keeping it simple for me and assuming these conditions continue to exist.  With my new word I learned from Dr. Camile, neurochemistry, I’m focused on supporting and repairing in Sarah’s body.

I just learned Sarah completed her 3rd poop!  That is only 1 day since her last one which is very encouraging that we may be making progress in her gut.  It’s hard to really say but it seemed like she was pooping every 1-14 days prior.  The goal is get to a bowel movement every day.

When I hear people tell me they don’t poop for weeks I think something is really wrong with their digestive system.  I can’t imagine how miserable I’d feel if I had to wait 1-2 weeks.  Hell, if I miss a day, I’m grumpy!


Today we are heading to LabCorp for the blood work.  Sarah is not happy about this at all but knows it must be done.  The last time we drew blood for these tests she passed out twice.  Once at LabCorp then on the way home.

This time we are more prepared as we have hydrated a lot on the way there and brought orange juice to drink right after.  I suggested she lay down this time but she said, “no, I will be fine!”  well, half way into the blood draw she started drooping over.  I got to her just in time to lean her head on my shoulder while I held her.

The nurse asked if I wanted her to stop.  I asked how close are were.  The nurse said, “almost there”.  I said, “just keep going.”  I know Sarah would have wanted to just get this finished.

I was a little nervous when I saw her head start to fall as I wasn’t sure if she is passing out or having an event.  Just paranoid, I guess.

Once she came to started feeding her the orange juice.  It took about 10 minutes before we could leave.  We then went and had a big breakfast.

On the way there this morning I had learned that Sarah pooped again a couple days prior (9/14/2021).  It now seems pretty consistent that Sarah is having a movement every other day.  This is very encouraging!


Today is day 25.  We made it past that 15-19 day threshold in between events.  Still nervous as well with much anxiety but very encouraged.  Is it the Keppra or is it that we are actually starting to heal Sarah’s gut or a combination of both.  

It will be very interesting to start seeing some of the data coming back in regards to Sarah’s blood work and the poop tests.  Will show normal?  Will it show better than October when we had the 1stround of tests done?  What will we be able to conclude from these tests?

In the back of my mind I’m already planning on when we can start backing down on the Keppra.  Obviously I would consult the neurologist and I can’t imagine this happening until we can get 2-3 months with no events.  Just blue skying here.

Tomorrow we are starting our road trip to Idaho to look at a couple colleges.  Everyone is very excited about this trip.  

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