8/23/2021 – Event #3

Today is actually 9/10/2021.  It’s taking me this long to recover from Sarah’s third event.  Talk about getting destroyed mentally and physically.  It was 19 clear days since her second event which was four days more than between her first and second (15 days).

I got a text from Sarah, “I had one arm thing, do I just go home at brunch to rest or stay?”  My response, “go to nurses office now”.  “I’ll come get you”.  

Sarah responded, “I can just wait till I get picked up its brunch”.  I said, “not worth the chance”.  She said, “I can’t have unexcused.” 

I continued as I’m driving, “make sure sitting in grass and have Maelani take you to grass.”  Now Maelani is texting me from Sarah’s phone because Sarah keeps dropping it.  I told her to try and get her to Nurses office.

I got to the nurse’s office and Sarah and Maelani were sitting behind a closed curtain.  Sarah’s arms were still having myoclonic events (arm tremors).  A few minutes went by while I watched the fear in Sarah’s face.  And then the grand-mal happened.  

I don’t think I could ever do a YouTube video on this because I just start crying again.  But not while she is in seizure!  I layed her down on her side, her eyes rolled back and I just started talking to her calmly even though I know she can’t hear me.

The nurse outside asked if I needed help, I said no.  Maelani was sitting on the other bed watching not knowing what to do as she had never seen anything like this.  A couple minutes went by, Sarah turned blue, but her breathing started to come back.  

Sarah was coming too now but still very dazed and confused.  Sheryl had just arrived and Maelani jumped up and grabbed Sheryl hugging her and they both started crying.  I yelled quietly, “go cry out there!”  The last thing Sarah needs to see when she wakes up is people crying around her.

Later Maelani’s mother had told me that it really had an effect on her and it took time for her to process what had just happened.  This was my third event that I have witnessed, and I still can’t process when I see this.

Ok, I just stopped crying.  We got Sarah home where she rested in bed the rest of the day.  These events take a lot out of her.

Of course, I’m destroyed with all the research I have been doing trying to prevent another event before our 1st meeting with Stanford Children Medical Center which happened to be tomorrow (8/24/2021).  

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I’m a dedicated father of two; a son (Ricky) and a daughter (Sarah). They are both in their final years of high school. As a young man I always knew I wanted to have children; it’s so hard to imagine not having children. Once you have children you then know the meaning of the willingness to die without hesitation for them. I’m a type A personality with a bit of OCD built in making the perfect mind to go down any rabbit hole needed to solve a problem. I’ve always told my kids life is nothing more than solving life’s day-to-day problems. I guess that is why I ended up in the IT world. I work on facts and data and then make the best decision at the time and never look back. I get satisfaction from taking the confusion of chaos and turning it into something understandable and beautiful.

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