7/27/2021 – Healthy Ketogenic Diet

I do have notes in my folder for everyday but sometimes not much change in anything in terms of how she’s feeling or what we doing to hopefully prevent a second event.

She’s been in a great mood and sleeping well.  I know she is very close to being in ketosis if not already in it as she is not waking up hungry as she normally does every morning.  This is a clear sign the body is becoming keto adapted.  Oh, and your pee stinking real bad is a good sign.  You’ll know!

While I have been working on getting her into ketosis, my goal is to get her body ready for some serious intermittent fasting (IF).  I am a HUGE believer in IF and the healing powers it has in the body.  One of the main healing features of our body is called autophagy which basically means eating yourself.

Serious autophagy doesn’t really get started until about 18 hours into your fast and really get cranking in the 24-48 hour range.  I myself have done this several times this year with amazing results.

To try and fast without being in ketosis is nearly impossible without becoming miserable and effecting other people around you because you are being such a $%^^$@.  You fill in the blank.

I could spend hours on talking about the benefits of IF and autophagy but there is so much information out there already on this topic.  But I will say the reason I want to do IF is I’m assuming the Accutane has some sort of damage and we need to give the body a chance to heal itself.

Remember, we have not been to a doctor yet other than the ER doctor with some simple basic tests, so I’m simply praying to God to guide me.  I am not the type of person to just sit back and wait; I have to do anything I can think to help my daughter not have to go through that again.

My MCT oil as not yet arrived from Amazon.  And because I believe she is in ketosis I have stopped having her eat a tablespoon of coconut oil twice a day.  It’s not horrible but it’s not the best thing in the world either.


We have all started our 1st major fast today at about 5pm.  She has been already getting up to 18 hours daily just by eating 2 meals a day.  I have always told anyone on ketosis, “if you are hungry, eat”.  When you are on ketosis you just don’t get very hungry which is why it makes IF so much easier.

Now because we are not eating as much, we must be careful about a few things.  A byproduct of ketosis and IF is weight loss which for most of us is very good thing.  But for a 17-year-old healthy girl who is not overweight I must be cautious.

Her weight on 7/23/2021 was 115 lbs.  Her weight on 8/1/2021 was 113 lbs. when she completed her 40 hours fast.  We broke the fast on a Saturday morning about 9:30am with some bone broth and a big breakfast.  So, she only lost a few pounds, and most was probably water weight.

The other thing to be aware of is when on ketosis and/or IF you must supplement with electrolytes.  You are simply not eating enough food to get the needed electrolytes.  The main ones are potassium, sodium chloride (sea salt) and magnesium.  To be honest, even if you were not doing ketosis and IF I think most people are deficient in potassium and magnesium.  But you still need to be careful to make sure you get enough salt.

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