7/19/2021 – Tick Tock

We were able to get into see Sarah’s general doctor in the afternoon once we
explained what had happened. We knew we weren’t really going to learn anything
there but that is where you must start to get a referral for a specialist. That is
dumb. And of course, they couldn’t tell us when to expect the referral other than
3-5 days. UGH!


We got the referral!  It’s a “good news and bad news” thing.  The appointment isn’t until August 24th.  As I write this now, we still haven’t seen a specialist!  We have been calling every day to see if there have been any cancelations we can walk into and have also been put on a wait list.  This is crazy!  The good news; The specialist is at Stanford’s Children Center!  From the research I have already been doing I saw it is a level 4 epilepsy facility.  The best of the best!

One of the first things my research led me to was how the ketogenic evolved from a doctor back in the early 1900’s.  I don’t recall his name but I also started seeing ketogenic diet as a solution to seizures on many other epilepsy websites.  I was like holy shit!

I was already a big advocate of healthy eating with the keto diet but I was just shocked because it was something I know so well.  Of course, Sarah knows about it only since she knows that is how I keep a healthy blook pressure.  So, we immediately put her on keto diet.

If the brain has a choice between glucose or ketones it will always prefer the ketones but only if you give it the chance by eating a healthy ketogenic diet and getting your body into a keto adapted state.  When the brain runs on ketones you have so much more energy, no mid-day slumps and the processing power of the brain is amazing.

It takes time to get into ketosis and each varies on time.  If I’m real strict I can get myself in ketosis in about 4-5 days.  But some can take weeks.  Sarah is a very disciplined girl when she puts her mind to it, so I wasn’t worried about her being strict keto.

By the way, Sarah is a HUGE pasta and carb junkie.  She loves her spaghetti loaded with parmesan cheese.  I would joke with her and say, “hey, why don’t you have some spaghetti with your parmesan cheese.”  And in case I didn’t say this already, carbohydrates equal glucose.  When you eat a carb the body turns into glucose for energy.  Remember the parmesan cheese.


Every day starts with so much anxiety wondering if anything is going to happen today.  And to try and act normal with Sarah so we are not so obvious of our concern.  I’m sure she senses it but she’s been a trouper and as barbie might say, “keeping a stiff upper lip”.

Everyday I’m spending hours researching from every possible angle.  If it looks like a duck, quacks like a duck, and walks like a duck, it must be a duck!  Well, since these arm tremors started into her 4thor 5th month on Accutane and the event on July 18th was preceded by arm tremors, there must be some connection.

I looked hard.  I may have found a few things of interest such as Accutane causes depletion of zinc and creates increases in copper, but I could not corroborate this in any way.  I like validating information, concepts, and theories from many different sources.

I did start coming across MCT oil many times as it can produce ketones quickly in the blood and get to the brain fast, so we started taking a tablespoon of coconut oil right when waking and before bed since I already had it in the house.  I ordered some MCT oil only directly from amazon.

Since I know there is no way she could be in ketosis yet I figured the MCT oil is a quick way to start getting her brain/body utilizing ketones and assist in becoming keto adapted.

I also got her back on fish oils which are high in Omega-3s and Turmeric.  Just stuff I know that is safe and can’t make things worse.  I have been taking Turmeric for 20 years twice a day.

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