8/3/2021 – Event #2

Today is the day we are supposed to leave for Ohio.  Our flight is at 8:05am which meant we had to get up around 5:45 to get ready and go.  I probably should have canceled this trip after the 1st event but maybe I was in denial or felt like I may have solved or helped mitigate the problem. 

I mean really, who do I think I am?  How about a desperate father who wants nothing but the best for his children and would give his life without hesitation for them.  And since I can’t see a doctor yet, I must try myself.  At the very least become knowledgably in the condition so when the time comes, I can have a real conversation with the doctor.

As I said above, this was an important trip for many reasons, and we haven’t been to Ohio for several years now.  We were all looking forward to this trip.

At about 6:15 I passed Sheryl in the kitchen as I was getting all the suitcases closed and ready to load.  I saw the look on her face, and she said, “she is having tremors”.  Destroyed again.  Well, I started to do what I did yesterday with the coconut oil, NAC and thumbs.  Right?  Why not, it seemed to work yesterday.  They did not stop so I canceled our flights.

Well, at about 6:30 Sarah went completely rigid, shot straight up in the air before falling to the bed and went into a full-on grand-mal seizure.  This time we did not call 911.  We stayed with her, talked to her, held her.  Damn, I’m crying again right now. 

Oh, this next part is going to be hard.  We have been trying so hard to do whatever we can to not have a second seizure for multiple reasons such as getting her driver license reinstated.  That may sound silly, but this is very important to any 17-year-old.  And second, not to be classified as an epileptic.  

Sarah came too after about 5 minutes and looked at me and asked, “what happened”?  I simply responded, “you had a seizure”.  She just started crying uncontrollably because she knew what that meant; we had a second seizure.  I started crying as well.

Being the only person in the world who has witnessed both of Sarah’s seizures, I can say that her second seizure was a lot less in intensity, she did not stop breathing, she did not turn blue, she did not foam at the mouth, and it was less in duration.

I have always been a type of person where the glass is always half full.  Although this was devastating for all of us, I found the positives as I always do.  While I’m a glass is half full type of guy, I’m also a realist and plan for the worst.  Anticipate.  Don’t ever be a deer in headlights.  Do something.  I pray for the best, plan for the worst.

As in the first event, she was exhausted and took a long nap in the afternoon.  I made the appropriate phone calls to family and friends that we were planning on  visiting, and each time broke down. 

Today is August 13th, my birthday.  It of course does not matter to me, but it was the day I felt I had to start writing this.  I’m going through my notes to help with recollection because to be honest, I can’t believe almost a month has gone by.


Sarah woke at 10:30am.  Now that I have the pure MCT oil from amazon, I gave to her first thing (1 TBSP).  I also gave her C60 (1 TSPN) which is an antioxidant 270 times stronger than vitamin C.  

Please don’t judge.  Why do I say that?  Because C60 is not approved for human consumption by the FDA.  But you must decide if you trust the FDA guidelines.  I do not.  Not sure if you heard of this thing called covid but nothing coming out of CDC or FDA makes any sense.  

I do my research extensively and come to my own conclusions.  I am not perfect but who is.  I am not a doctor.  I am a dad.  I’m a commonsense type of person.  I’m a very logical person sometimes to my detriment. I expect you to do your own research.

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About Me

I’m a dedicated father of two; a son (Ricky) and a daughter (Sarah). They are both in their final years of high school. As a young man I always knew I wanted to have children; it’s so hard to imagine not having children. Once you have children you then know the meaning of the willingness to die without hesitation for them. I’m a type A personality with a bit of OCD built in making the perfect mind to go down any rabbit hole needed to solve a problem. I’ve always told my kids life is nothing more than solving life’s day-to-day problems. I guess that is why I ended up in the IT world. I work on facts and data and then make the best decision at the time and never look back. I get satisfaction from taking the confusion of chaos and turning it into something understandable and beautiful.

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